I’ve been sacked

Tailing on from my last post about how I currently feel lost and constantly miserable, I was recently sacked from my job and am now unemployed. I have mixed feelings about this, one part of me is happy that I no longer have to go back to my job because I truly hated it and I was miserable there. However, the other part of me hates the fact that I am now back to the same place I was this time last year, struggling to look for work. It’s kind of like a complete circle and I have to start all over again. To be honest, though, I was going to hand my notice in and I’m more frustrated with the fact that my manager got in there before me!


I’ll talk a little bit about how I was sacked but I won’t go into full detail or disclose the name of the company I worked for as I kind of just want done of the whole thing, even if I don’t 100% agree with how it all happened.

If you have read my last post, you will know how I’ve been feeling lately and how my mentality has been affecting my work. Well, it came to the point where I was making far too many mistakes and I wasn’t worth the hassle anymore. I’d booked to take holidays off work for a week and a half. During this week, I had attended interviews for another job (which, sadly, I did not get) and was dreading having to go back to work on the Thursday. However, my first day back at work turned out to be my last.

I was really early into the office – my aim was to try and catch up on the backlog of emails I had inevitably accumulated during my time off – and the only other person in the office was my manager. Before I had even had a chance to sit down at my desk he told me that we needed to talk… and that it was serious. Just from that I knew that I had lost my job.

We went over to Costa – not the most professional or private of places to sack someone – and we sat down. Again, before he had even said anything I asked him: “Am I being sacked?” to which he simply replied, with a sigh: “Yes.”

And that was how I was sacked. Simple and straight to the point. It was reaffirmed that I had been making far too many noticeable mistakes and that they could no longer keep me on. I was pretty much told there and then to go home and not return. This kind of pissed me off as I would have much rather have been told this over the phone the day before to save me the early start and trip into the city. But at least it gave me the opportunity to collect my things from my desk (which I then had to carry around in a carrier bag!) and had in my key. It was then a handshake and a goodbye.

Although I was glad never to have to go back to the office, I was still upset as I have never been sacked or dismissed from a job before. I was worried that this would look bad when I would start trying to find work again and that maybe my manager would not give me a good reference.

I then got to thinking about the way in which I had been dismissed from work and the running up to it. I had not received any form of verbal warning or a written warning. I was unaware of the fact that my performance was being scrutinised and observed. Many people have told me that I should go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and see if I can claim and compensation, but I don’t want to have to get involved with the company again. I just want done! A clean slate.

I’m going to wait for my P45 to arrive and check the amount of money I receive at the end of the month, as I am entitled to a weeks’ notice and the remainder of my holidays (so just over 2 weeks’ worth of wages in total). Only then will I get involved if I feel that something is not right.

So, its back to the drawing board for me! I’ve already applied for more jobs than I can count and have heard nothing back. I will keep you posted. Hopefully it won’t be a repeat of last year.

Much love,

Chloe ♥


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