Update on Life

What with the recent change in season, I thought I would take this opportunity to basically just fill anyone who is interested in what’s been going on in my life recently. If you have been following this blog (or at least the rare occasions when I actually do blog anything) you will know that I was recently let go from my job. Here’s normally the part where you might expect me to announce that I’ve now found a job and am very happy. However, that is not the case. Reality is, I am still looking for work and I am struggling. I’m pretty much in the exact same place as I was this time last year. Onwards and upwards, and all that, though.

I am also in the process of importing all of my old posts from a previous blog I used to post on, The Drama Student Diaries, but then somewhat abandoned once I had graduated. I made the decision to import all of my previous posts onto this blog as I don’t want some of these older posts to be lost or deleted, as it is my intention to delete this blog and continue to just use this one as my main blogging platform. So, there should be lots more posts for you to backtrack on, should you wish.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this blog and what kind of content I actually want to be sharing and writing about. A lot of what I write about now is very disjointed and doesn’t really follow a particular pattern. I suppose the only real title you could put to this blog is that it’s an ‘update blog’, much like this post is. I might like to delve into areas which differ from what I’m writing about currently, of which could include lifestyle and beauty. I will be the first person to say that I am now expert when it comes to beauty or makeup but that I do have an interest in it and also an opinion. I’d also like to create more posts in regards to issues that affect everyday people, such as insecurities about weight, self confidence, depression, etc. These are the kind of posts that I think matter the most to a lot of people, myself included, and I want to contribute to the community of writers that choose to talk about issues such as these and more. If you have any suggestions about things that you would like me to talk about too I’d be happy and open to them.

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


I’ve been sacked

Tailing on from my last post about how I currently feel lost and constantly miserable, I was recently sacked from my job and am now unemployed. I have mixed feelings about this, one part of me is happy that I no longer have to go back to my job because I truly hated it and I was miserable there. However, the other part of me hates the fact that I am now back to the same place I was this time last year, struggling to look for work. It’s kind of like a complete circle and I have to start all over again. To be honest, though, I was going to hand my notice in and I’m more frustrated with the fact that my manager got in there before me! Continue reading