Have you ever stopped and thought about all the relationships you’ve ever had growing up and the friendships that have grown from meeting specific people, some of whom you might have even considered your best friend? Have you then taken a look at your life now and compared to your life when these people are most significant to you and realise that the vast majority of these people haven’t even crossed your mind in years?

I’ve found myself in this predicament and it wasn’t really until one of these said people suddenly, out of the blue, popped up on Facebook messenger after reading a status I’d posted a few days before about having a bad day at work. And then a nearly two hour conversation happened where we caught up with each others’ lives and where we were and what plans we had. And it was nice. But it also made me quite sad when I tried to remember the last time I actually spoke to this person either online or actually in person, and I honestly couldn’t remember. I felt terrible. How is it you can let people who were once so close to you just slip through your fingers and forget about? Continue reading