Update on Life

It has come to my attention that it has been quite a long time since I last posted on this little blog of mine. Nearly a month, in fact. That is very bad and I am quite upset with myself for having neglected this site for that long. I had actually promised myself that I would post here somewhat regularly and not abandon it, unlike other blogs I’ve created and forgotten in the past. So, he’s a little update post for you to take a gander at.

2015-01-24 18.16.29-1
China Town street scene for Aladdin & The Little Mermaid pantomime, January ’15.

I guess one of the main reasons why I haven’t been posting much is because I’ve actually been at work for the last three weeks and haven’t found the time, or the energy, to post anything. Yes, you heard me correctly. I’ve been at work. Well, work experience technically but that’s just minor details. No, I don’t get paid for it but I’ve already been told in so many words that I’ve got a full time job at the end of it, which is pretty exciting. I’ve been working within a recruitment agency as the Branch Administrator and have completed 3 weeks out of an 8 week work experience period. I get every weekday morning at 5:45am, leave the house at 6:55am and work an 8am-5pm day, not getting back home ’til around 6pm each night. And I am nackered, I can tell you that much! It’s not as though I’m doing anything particularly physical at all during the day. I sit at a desk and stare at a computer screen pretty much all day, but if anything its just draining. The amount of concentration is unbelievable, especially at the moment as we’re particularly busy with a new client contract which requires us to recruit 85+ workers – nightmare! But I am enjoying it, and that’s what’s most important, really.

Panto season finished with my am-dram group too. Like work, it was draining and very tiring, more so as I was working backstage and changing the scenery etc. and some nights even working the bar before the show and during the interval so I got no breaks at all. But it was good to experience a performance from backstage rather than on stage. I learnt a lot and can only go on and improve. We’re now onto the preparations for our May production now, which will be Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of being Earnest, which I have been asked to be assistant director for. I am very excited as I haven’t really dabbed in directing all that much in the past but is something that I’ve been very interested to learn and get into. It should be fun. Auditions are taking place over the next week and just from going by the first read through its going to be extremely difficult to cast. I’ll keep you updated!

I also recently had a birthday and celebrated turning 22, though there’s nothing very exciting about turning 22, really. I don’t feel much older nor wiser, but I can now be considered a ‘proper’ adult and getting well stuck into my early twenties as I’ve now past the 21 mark. Before I know it, I’ll have past the early twenties stage and will have entered my mid twenties. But that another story for another day.

My love life is going well and we’re both very happy. It will be our first Valentines Day together next week but plans haven’t really been made to do anything. Long distance can be tricky and awkward but it makes spending time with each other all the more special and meaningful. I love getting to spend time with him, and I hope the feeling’s mutual from he to me. For my birthday he got us tickets to go and see Shrek the Musical on tour in Birmingham, which I’m immensely excited about as I couldn’t go when it came to Nottingham. He’s a lovely man and knows me very well, by the looks of things.

I don’t think I have much more to update on, but if I think of something else I promise to post about it. And I hope to try and make some sort of a schedule for posting on here, as I’d like it to become a regular part of my life. I love blogging and writing about things that occur in my life. And if it relates to others too, then that’s great!

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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