I got a job!

After graduating in September and months and months of doing nothing productive with my life, I can finally say that I have got a job! At long last, and I am so relieved.

For the last four weeks I’ve been working at a recruitment agency in Nottingham on a work experience placement that had potential to last up to eight weeks. Well, after reaching the half way mark this week it has been made official and confirmed that my manager would like me to stay on and continuing working on a permanent basis as of March 2nd. I couldn’t be happier, and it finally means I can say goodbye to the dreaded job centre once and for all! I have one more appointment with them before I officially start perm, but after that I never have to set foot inside the place. Thank goodness! Continue reading


Update on Life

It has come to my attention that it has been quite a long time since I last posted on this little blog of mine. Nearly a month, in fact. That is very bad and I am quite upset with myself for having neglected this site for that long. I had actually promised myself that I would post here somewhat regularly and not abandon it, unlike other blogs I’ve created and forgotten in the past. So, he’s a little update post for you to take a gander at. Continue reading