I speak English

I speak English. I am English. Therefore the way I speak is the correct way of speaking/spelling the English language.

Before I get thrown a ridiculous amount of abuse my way, hear me out. I am a British voice on the internet – from England – whose native language (including its Latin origin) is one of the most well known and most spoken language in the world, whether it be an individual’s first, second or third language. However, the English language is not spoken or spelt the same as its mother country (England) universally and it irritates me somewhat. You’d have thought that one language would be the same across the entire globe. Nope. The differences between British English and American English, for example, varies a lot whether its down to pronunciation, spelling or even the actual name for something. If I’m going to be completely honest, it annoys me that there is such a thing as ‘British English’; it is just English!

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My intension for this post is not to hate against any nationality or country in particular that speak English either as their first or second language. My reason is solely based on the fact that I get easily frustrated when different versions collide with one another.

For example: Microsoft is an American company in which they speak English. However, this company isn’t sole consumed by Americans alone and is instead distributed and used worldwide. When you are using one of their programmes, such as Microsoft Word, the default setting (for myself, anyway) is English. At a first glance, you wouldn’t think this would be a bad thing, but trying to type something the British way, i.e. ‘favourite’ and spell checker automatically changes it to ‘favorite’. This is just the first thing in a long list of things that annoys me about the different versions of the English language. I could easily go back to the word and add the letter ‘u’ into it and add it to the dictionary (why I should have to do this, I have no idea!) or I could change the language settings – and this is where it really annoys me! I go to change the language settings and what do I see: English, English (British)… Excuse me!? English isn’t even the native language of America, yet its perfectly acceptable to categorise American English as the correct version on your software? I don’t think so, Microsoft. English and British residents speak English whereas Americans speak American English, or English (American). This also applies to other countries such as Australia and Canada who speak Australian or Canadian English.

Again, I do not wish for this post to bash any nationality in particular. However, for the sake of this argument I will be focusing on the American version of the English language for the sole reason that it is the version of English I come across most often next to my own.

I have already touched on the spelling of words briefly above with the spell checker rant, but it is something that I’ve often been left unsure of. I don’t understand what Americans have against the letter ‘u’ and why the insist of spelling words without it. In case you are unaware or completely blind to the misspelling of simple and common words from across the pond, here a few examples:

colour vs color
behaviour vs behavior
rumour vs rumor
honour vs honor
armour vs armor

In my personal opinion, the spelling of the words above without a ‘u’ just don’t look right. They look as though they’re spelt incorrectly and that they’re missing something (which they are – the ‘u’) especially the word ‘color’ which doesn’t look right at all, the rest can get away without a ‘u’ but ‘color’ definitely cannot! This also applies to the replacement of the letter ‘s’ in some words to the letter ‘z’, but I won’t go on too much about this sort of nonsense.

Additionally, the pronunciation of words frustrates me. Yes, I can understand that it differentiates accents from one another but some ways Americans say some words just sound silly (in my opinion) for example:

Image found via Google image search: British vs. American pronunciation
Image found via Google image search: British vs. American pronunciation

But one of the main things that I just find plain silly and annoying is the insistence that something is called or referred to as something that its not (in my British opinion):

Image found via Google image search: British vs. American words


I just don’t understand how and when the change came about, surely the British and Irish people that originally came over to America spoke the same English that we speak today. So how and when did it all change? Did people living in American suddenly decide that things were now called something else or did they just want to be different from their relations back home in Britannia? I have no idea, nor do I wish to give myself a headache contemplating or fretting over it.

I think the point I’m trying to make with this post is that if you speak as your first language English but do not live within the UK then you are not speaking ‘proper’ English, hence my opening statement.

I speak English. I am English. Therefore the way I speak is the correct way of speaking/spelling the English language.

What are you thoughts or arguments in response to this post? Do you speak English and live outside of the UK? What is your opinion on this discussion? I’d love to hear regardless of whether you agree or disagree. It’s all friendly debate.

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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