Being pushed in front of a lorry… And then waking up.

Have you ever wondered what your dreams actually mean, and why they happen the way they do? I’ve often wondered about the reasons behind some of the dreams I get and why I have the particular ones I do. The definition of a dream is ‘a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep’ ( So, to my understanding, this means that I must have been thinking or at least feeling about the images/emotions involved within certain dreams for the events of them to take place, if that makes any sense. So why is it that some of my dreams are so messed up and weird?

Image found via Google Search: Dream
Image found via Google image search: Dream

I ask this question due to a series of peculiar dreams that I’ve had throughout my life, namely those that have stuck with me profoundly over the last year or so. These dreams do not link with each other specifically, nor do they seem to appear chronologically or related at all, but they do all seem to feature common themes: 1. They each involve an event in which I am at the centre of, 2. Someone dangerous/disastrous happens to me in which I feel my whole body tense up with fear, and 3. I have to physically wake myself up from these dreams/nightmares. These dreams all feel so real to me, which is actually terrifying, but what makes it more scary is the fact that these situations and scenarios have appeared in my own mind, that I have thought them up and that they are happening to me.

The most recent of this particular type of dreams occurred this morning. From what I can remember (which is the weird thing about dreams, that you don’t always remember them all too well once you wake up), it had been an odd, disjointed dream which didn’t make all that much sense but the events of the dream soon lead to me walking through a busy city and by a group of people, one of whom was on a bike. They were hanging around the corner of a busy street in front of a large business building of some sort. They were blocking my path, so I walked around them. Suddenly, as I’m trying to pass, the person of the bike cuts in front of me, positioning the front bike wheel between my legs and locking me against the handle bars. He then pushes the bike forward, with me being pushed backwards, towards the road and the moving traffic. I’m pushed into the road, fall to the ground and narrowly miss a passing car. I then look up and there’s a huge lorry turning the corner, horn blaring and everything. I try to get up, but my whole body is tense. I contemplate whether to go back towards the pavement I’d been pushed from, or towards the central zone of the road, meaning I’d have to dart across other oncoming traffic. As the lorry gets closer, I try to launch myself up… but then wake up.

I hate these kinds of dreams, the ones where you think you’re going to die, even though you know that nothing bad will actually happen to you. That’s the funny thing about dreams, they’re just that: dreams. If you dream that you are falling, you will wake up before you hit the ground. You cannot die in a dream, that is the rule. Apparently. I’ve not really done much research into how dreams work, but that is one thing I do remember in passing.

However, it is often these dreams – those that I feel the most real and vivid – that I seem to remember the most. The storyline, of sort, is the most clear (though still disjointed) and the emotions and feelings felt are memorable and relatable. These dreams have often proved very useful when it comes to storytelling and creating a plot for a piece of creative writing. I must have around ten unfinished (some abandoned) stories stored on my hard drive thanks to dreams such as these. Even though they’re only a snippet, they’ve proved inspirational for the narrative of a new plot. As a writer, this is pure gold and I always jump at the chance to potentially write something new, however far I decide to take it. Though, the reality is, I write what I can remember of the dream down, roughly jot down a plot, maybe start writing something, but then abandon it when I get stuck. Story of my life.

Yet, these dreams still happen. I want to know what they mean and why they come to me in the first place. Nothing like these events have ever happened to me in real life so why do I think them up in my head when I’m asleep. Do I just have an over imaginative imagination, or is the universe trying to tell me something?

When trying to find a featured image for this post, I came across the image above via Google image search and it made me think: would I ever want my dreams, particularly these, to ever collide with reality? No. Why would I ever want to actually be pushed in front of on coming traffic, or be pinned against a wall in a dark alley by a stranger, or give birth to a boneless baby (yes, this dream actually happened. It was weird). I understand the context of what the image refers to, inspirations and personal goal-type dreams becoming a reality, but some dreams I’d rather stayed firmly in my head and preferably never showing themselves.

What can of dreams do you have, and do you often question the reason behind them? What have been your most terrifying or best dreams, and why? I’d love to hear more about what goes on in other peoples’ heads when they’re asleep.

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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