New Years Resolutions // 2015

The New Year is just around the corner and it is the infamous time of year that people all over the world start to accumulate resolutions that they wish to achieve for the year to follow. For a lot of people, this is a novelty which they say they will do but then either forget about or give up shortly into the year. I am usually (and typically) one of these people. Every year I come up with New Years resolutions but always, without fail, accomplish little to none of them. The worst part is, my resolutions then end up being repeats from the previous year that I failed to finish or even start; such things along the lines of eat healthier, drop a dress size or more, see more people, stop biting my nails (one that has actually been years in the making but has started to become a reality over the last few years).

It’s now gotten to the point where I actually think to myself, what resolutions (if any) do I want to set myself for the following year to come, and will I actually make any of them a reality?

Around this time last year, I posted on an older blog of mine a list of goals that I wanted to achieve throughout 2014 (here). I haven’t really looked at this list much over the last year and looking back over it I keep hearing words along the lines of ‘nope’, ‘no where near’ or ‘what was I thinking!?’ as I read down it, which actually saddens me a little that I’ve not set out to do some of the things I’d hoped to do and accomplish. However, there are goals on there that I can smile about and tell myself ‘yes, I did that!’ and feel proud of myself, including: finishing my dissertation, graduating, and passing my theory test (it took me five tests over four and a half years, but I finally did it!).

The goals that particularly struck a chord with me were ones that involved my mind set. What I mean by this is goals that focused on trying to better myself as a person and to try and see the good in things and my life. The last four goals on my list for 2014 read: Trust more, Cry less, Laugh often, and Be happy. These four things I feel as though I have actually managed to achieve or have at least started to accomplish which makes me very pleased with myself, especially considering some of the low points I’ve had to face this year.

I think in 2015 I want to prioritise goals like this as I can see how much of a better person they have made me as a result. This thought was reaffirmed by a post that appeared in my Twitter feed yesterday (here) which I feel pretty much sums up what I want to do over the next year and feel strongly about:

2014-12-28 11.23.13

Pretty much all of these resolutions (except maybe the drinking more tea with no sugar – it needs the sugar!) are things that I would like to set for myself and can see me possibly achieving gradually over the year if I really try my hardest. They’re simple little things that can be incorporated into life gradually and easily without turning the whole world on its head. I want to start eating healthier as my diet over the last few years has been absolutely dreadful with this year being the worst, and I want to spend more time with family and friends and laugh more and make memories with them. These are all little things that will make my life much more pleasurable and enjoyable, things that all people should strive to have in their lives. Happiness cannot be bought, it is made from within and can only be given if you allow yourself to be happy within your own life.

What New Years resolutions do you plan on making for 2015, and are they actually achievable? If I can give you one bit of advice it would be to always try and make them achievable otherwise they’re less likely to happen.

I hope you all have a lovely New Year and that 2015 treats you well.

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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