Budget Festive Decorations

Christmas is the time of year for families and friends to all get together, be merry and celebrate. Alongside that, it’s also a chance to decorate the house and bring festive cheer to your home. For some, the thought of splashing out on new decorations and ornaments every year seems like nothing, whereas for others its a different story. Decorations can often be quite expensive leaving some individuals reluctant to hand over their hard earned money on something that will only ever make an appearance for a couple weeks in the year. Additionally, decorating for small spaces can be a struggle as this can sometimes lead to ‘overriding’ and cluttering up your valuable space. This post gives suggestions on how to make a small space (i.e. a box room bedroom) feel Christmasy without over cluttering or spending too much money.



One of the few things that I personally feel makes this time of year feel the most Christmasy is lights – and lots of them! However, in my little shoe box of a bedroom, I can’t really afford – financially or space-wise – to be filling such a small space with twinkling lights. I chose to instead just focus them on my window sill. I originally bought these mains powered metal star LED lights from Wilkinson (Wilko’s) in the January sales two years ago for £5 and draped them around the headboard of my bed at Uni year round. Now that I’ve moved back home, they’re now perfect for lighting up my window and adds a little hit of Christmas spirit. Buying items such as lights in the January sales can really save you quite a bit of money, as they can be quite expensive full price (full price, these cost £12). Unfortunately, these particular lights are no longer stocked, but Wilko’s currently have some heart shaped lights in a very similar design (here) that I think are just as pretty – I may have to spy these down once the January sales hit!

Decorative Jars

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I found these cute little jars in the Christmas section at B&M Bargains for just 99p each. They’re just simple little glass jars with Christmas scenes stuck to the front of them and embellished with glitter. I found these two items enchanting with their traditional depictions of Christmas. Also, if you wanted to keep them out all year round, all you’d have to do is turn the jar around and voila! I’m currently using mine to store some of my makeup brushes whilst the other I’ve put in a candle I purchased from Wilko’s for £1, which leads on well into the next section perfectly!



2014-12-11 14.57
Featured: TESCO Gingerbread Man Tree Decoration, £2


Growing up, we’ve always had candles burning in the house and especially at Christmas time so I think it’s more than fitting to have them in my bedroom at this time of year as well. However, I’m not a huge fan of strong, woody scents when it comes to candles which, unfortunately, includes a lot of the traditional Christmas spice scents. Instead, I opted for a sweeter scent in the form of Yankee Candle’s Cranberry Ice. It’s not got an overpowering scent, but it’s sweet and subtle which I enjoy. I bought this scent in the small size (which for some reason isn’t featured on their website, but here’s a link to it in medium) about a month ago and burned it out after a week or so. Rather than buying a new jar, I instead decided to buy a multipack of tea lights for £4.99 instead to place in the jar once I’d cleaned it out. It’s also a much cheaper way to restock your favourite scents and gives you an ideal purpose to reuse the same jar too.

Additionally, if you’ve read my Autumn post you’ll know that I have some little tea light holders from Primark along my bookshelf. As with any candle, they eventually burnt out so replacements were needed. So, just like the candle I bought to put in the decorative glass jar, as mentioned above, I bought a set of three sampler sized candles from Wilko’s in the scent Apple Orchard for £1. I bought them both because I like the fruity scent but also because they’re green so automatically make me think of Christmas, as well as the red of the Yankee Cranberry Ice Candle.

Paper Chains


002 001

Paper chains are a traditional and inexpensive way to decorate your space around Christmas and is even something that my Mum used to do every year when she was a child. There are two ways of making them: by buying pre-cut strips in various designs from most good craft stores, or using paper-based materials from around the house, such as newspaper, coloured card or even wrapping paper! This is the first year that I’ve actually made paper chains to decorate my bedroom and decided to use the wrapping paper I’d bought for my Christmas gifts to make them. The set of three rolls came in a set for £4 from Matalan, which also came with three bobbins of ribbon and gift tags (unfortunately not featured online). There are three varieties of rolls in the set: tartan, plain red and cream with tartan reindeers. Paper chains are a very simple decoration and very easy to make. You can make your links are big or as small as you like and the chain as short or long as required necessary. I would have liked my links to be a little larger, which would have also make the chain longer, but I’d already cut out the strips and didn’t want the paper to go to waste. I have simply hung them up around the bookshelf, securing them at the top with a little bit of sticky tape.

Advent Calender



And finally, what would Christmas be without your daily chocolate-for-breakfast each day leading up to Christmas!? If you’re like me, you’ve had one of these every year since you were small and it remains to be a tradition to have one even if you’re no longer a child. Milkybar is one of my favourite chocolates so naturally I chose this calendar, as I have done most years. They’re very inexpensive and rarely cost more than £2 each. It small but reminds me that it’s nearly Christmas every day.

So, these are some of my inexpensive ideas to decorate your small space at Christmas time but there are much more things you can do  if you really want, such as Christmas inspired bedding, tinsels, bunting, scatter cushions, a tree etc. It all depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. But for me, the age old expression ‘less is more’ appeals to me.

How have you decided to decorate your home or bedroom this Christmas? I’d love to know! And do let me know if you’ve decided to adopt some of my ideas into your own decorations.

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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