This time of year is all about wrapping up warm, kicking through piles of golden hued leaves and making your home feel cosy. Before I get too deep into this post I’ll admit now that I’m not a huge lover of the Autumn months as it also means that the days get shorter, the air getting colder and that *quoting Game of Thrones* winter is coming. Where other people may love wrapping up in lots of layers and thick woollen jumpers, I’m the opposite. I really don’t like layering up and I particularly don’t like wearing long sleeves as I end up getting too warm and uncomfortable. But then here comes to contradicting part, I also don’t like being cold so it’s kind of a lose-lose situation.

However, I do enjoy some of the little perks of Autumnal-ness (if this isn’t a word, it is now!)

2014-11-02 20.58.58One of the things I have always liked about Autumn (and also any time of year) is the idea of burning candles. However, growing up I wasn’t allowed to have lit candles in my bedroom in case I, you know, set fire to the house. But now that I’m older, my parents have eased off slightly and aren’t as against me having them in my bedroom. I actually put off buying candles for a very long time because I am actually scared that I will end up burning the place down. Also, there’s then the next thing of which scent to buy. Some candles can be really strong when you smell them in a store and I’m worried that it will be a bit too overpowering in my tiny, little, shoebox bedroom. Then there’s the size, what’s too big and do I actually have room for them?

In the end, I finally took the bull by its horns and purchased three pretty little tea lights from Primark, as they were only £1.50 each (absolute bargain!) They’re small enough to be housed on my bookshelf and don’t have a very strong scent (White Jasmine & Amber). Although I am still quite scared I’m going to burn my bedroom down, I’m very happy with them and have made sure that they have enough room around them that nothing can fall in their path. I think they look pretty amongst my ornaments and books and I’m pleased I bought them.

I bought a few other things in this particular shopping trip so maybe I’ll do a post about everything that I bought at some point soon? I’d like to write about things like that too.

Quick question for anyone that may be reading this little post: What is your favourite thing about Autumn time, and why?

Until next time,

Chloe ♥


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