November Haul

I went on a little shopping trip with a friend of mine over the weekend and thought I’d share with you my purchases. I wouldn’t really consider this a ‘haul’, as such, as I don’t think I actually bought all that much (whereas my bank account seems to think I have!) but I just think it’s easier to describe this way, and also allows for less words in the title! So, where to start!?

ALSO, before I start, I’ve tried to include as many links for these products as I can, provided that a web link is available or a website in general. All links have been highlighted in orange. Enjoy! Continue reading



This time of year is all about wrapping up warm, kicking through piles of golden hued leaves and making your home feel cosy. Before I get too deep into this post I’ll admit now that I’m not a huge lover of the Autumn months as it also means that the days get shorter, the air getting colder and that *quoting Game of Thrones* winter is coming. Where other people may love wrapping up in lots of layers and thick woollen jumpers, I’m the opposite. I really don’t like layering up and I particularly don’t like wearing long sleeves as I end up getting too warm and uncomfortable. But then here comes to contradicting part, I also don’t like being cold so it’s kind of a lose-lose situation.

However, I do enjoy some of the little perks of Autumnal-ness (if this isn’t a word, it is now!) Continue reading