Chloe, BA

I can now officially say that I am now a graduate. Seriously, I’ve graduated from university and I am now the proud owner of a BA degree in Drama. It still seems surreal.

I graduated on Monday 8th September in Lincoln Cathedral and walked across the podium, ‘doffed’ my cap, and shook hands with the vice chancellor (I think?) before collecting my certificate (in an envelope, not a scroll unfortunately) and taking my seat again. That was my 30 seconds of fame before then having to sit and go through the other 200 odd students graduating during the same ceremony. I’m not going to lie, it was a little boring – and very long! – but I graduated, and that’s what’s most important here.

The whole day was long and tiring and I had to keep changing my shoes because they were hurting so bad – oh the trouble girls face with heels! I wore a pink Dorothy Perkins dress (looking back, I wish I’d chosen something different) and a pair of brown heels I’d bought in the Christmas sales last year from Matalan (again, I wish I’d chosen something else). But it doesn’t matter. I still had my cap and gown to make me look like someone from Hogwarts to keep me happy – though I got very hot in them by the end of the day.

I had my parents and younger brother attend as well as my grandparents and my boyfriend – yes, you heard me right. Boyfriend. And he’s lovely, but more about him another time. I did feel quite sorry for them all during the day, especially my grandparents, as the whole day involved a lot of standing around, not quite knowing what was going on, and a fair bit of walking. For anyone that has ever been to Lincoln and the whereabouts of the Castle and Cathedral then you’ll be aware of the hill that you have to walk up to get there, aptly named Steep Hill. And the truth is entirely in the name – it’s very steep! I was worn out before the day had even begun after climbing up it and had to have a quick breather half way up. We could have gotten a bus up there if we’d really wanted, but it’s kind of a rule that if you’re going to do it properly, then you take the hill! After all, it would be the last opportunity I’d have to tackle the beast for quite some time.

I really enjoyed my graduation, despite the length of the day and how tired I felt by the end of it – I definitely managed to get a decent nights’ sleep that night! – and would love to do it all again.

I guess now this blog is wrongly titled as it is no longer the Drama Student Diaries, but more the Drama Graduate Diaries. Hmm. We’ll see what happens to this little blog in the long run as I’m aware it’s not maintained as often as I would like it to be (and currently is filled with lots of whiney, moany posts about random crap). We’ll see.

Here’s a cheeky little snap for you of my in my Hogwarts-esque robes 🙂 Until next time!



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