Job Search Stress

So it’s one thing to have actually finished University, but now the difficult part has started: the endless job search!

I’ve lost count of the number of job applications I’ve sent out to this point and the lack of responses I’ve received is disheartening and stressful. Additionally, the plundering funds in my bank account is worrying.

The most stressful thing about the whole situation for looking for a job is the fact that I actually don’t know what kind of job I’m looking for or what career path I might be interested in pursuing. The most common misinterpretation of those that go to University is that everyone knows exactly what it is that they want to go into once they’ve graduated. This is false. Yes, some will know exactly what career they wish to go into post University, whereas most won’t have a clue. I belong to the latter category. Continue reading


Officially Finished Uni

So, I’ve kind of been off the grid for quite a while now which is really bad of me. All I can really say is that I’ve been mega busy over the last month or so and haven’t had the time, nor the energy to blog about anything.

But, I should now (hopefully) be able to blog much more frequently as I have now officially finished university! It’s crazy to think how quick the last three years have gone but at the same time I’m kind of glad it’s all over.

As you will have heard, thanks to my rather depressing posts of late, that I’ve not had the easiest time whilst being at university and that there have been times when I’ve felt that the only thing I should, and wanted, to do was quit. However, I stuck to it and can now look forward to graduation in early September!

I always thought that moving back home after three years would be the worst feeling in the world when I first started Uni but now that it’s actually happened, considering the experiences I’ve had, I’m actually really glad. For now, I’m living rent free (that is until I find myself a full time job – yikes!), have all utilities, food and bills covered (which my rent will eventually help go towards in the long run!) and have the constant support of my family and, of course, my cat.

As of this moment, I don’t miss university all that much at the moment, or at least not as much as I thought I would. It still feels like I’ve just moved back for the summer and that I’ll be going back again in September, which obviously I won’t be other than for graduation. It’s sad that I don’t miss the city I’ve lived in for the past three years at all but I think it just holds too many memories at this current time in my life. I’m sure that, in time, I’ll start to miss it and my life as a student. It’s going to be a big change to try and adjust and become a ‘real’ adult post university. Scary stuff!