More Tears.

I know I must sound like stuck record right now but this is literally the only place I can express my feelings. 

I also know that expressing my feelings over social media isn’t necessarily the most wisest of choices either, but then I literally have nowhere and no one to release my anger and frustration onto. I can’t keep emotion bottled up unlike when I was younger (even then it didn’t do me any good) so I need to be able to get it off my chest and out in the open by whatever means necessary.

I can’t talk to people about how I’m feeling because, from experience, they just tell you to suck it up and deal with it. This is does not help me in any way shape or form. It just makes things worse. It lowers any form of self confidence and trust I have and shatters it to tiny pieces. 

In a generation where social media plays a large part of everyday life, I can’t even express my feelings on the most popular and most recognised sites, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, because if I do I receive nothing but criticism and blame. I can’t even post/tweet about a particular incident without someone involved with said incident to kick up a fuss about it. So, how else am I supposed to get these things off my chest!? I don’t even know if this blog is ‘safe’ territory anymore, or if it even was to begin with. 

I shan’t go into the details as to why I’m upset this time but I shall leave this post by saying this: if you do not agree with anything I have to say on here, then do not continue to read this blog. This is my own little place for me to express my feelings and emotions in a controlled area of cyberspace. If you find offence, please keep it to yourself and let me have my own opinion in this case; not everyone in the world will share your personal opinion and I might just so happen to be one of them. Please give me this one place where I won’t be judged or criticised for being human. Give me the benefit of the doubt and know that everyone has their own way of getting through things and that this is my way. I choose to use social media as my median of communication because I lack the skills, trust and confidence to do so in a face-to-face scenario. Please allow me little corner of the internet to let me be me and not have to worry aboutthe continuous hate that may ineinevitably follow.

In future, I will try and make my posts less depressing but, honestly, that is a promise I can’t keep.


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