So, this is a little late but… I’M NOW 21!!!

Gosh, I feel old…

I turned 21 on Sunday 26th January and, I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty darn good day; being a Sunday, and all.

My mum came up and visited me, which was a last minute decision on her part. She really couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing me on my 21st birthday so drove up on her own to see me and spend the afternoon shopping. I hadn’t expected her to come up at all but was absolutely thrilled – I probably would have stayed at home all day or gone into town on my own if she hadn’t have come up.

In the evening, I then went out for a meal with some of my friends – there ended up being 12 of us at the table! Luckily I’d booked ahead of time – and it was really fun just to sit and talk to people. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant and the people that worked there even brought over a small birthday cake for me, and played ‘Happy Birthday’ throughout the restaurant – very embarrassing, but very thoughtful. AND I ended up getting my meal free! BONUS!

We then went to a bar called Craft where we got 2-4-1 cocktails; I got a Rumble in the Jungle (which was very similar to a Sex on the Beach) and a Pimms Punch (self explanatory). My friend even bought me a shot of Sambuca, which she originally was going to get as a flaming Sambuca but it wouldn’t light (which I was quite thankful for as I’m not a big fan of fire…)

The night was so much fun. I’m the sort of person who would rather sit down and drink in a relatively quiet place so that I’m actually able to talk to people, as opposed to going on a big night out where people get lost, ridiculously drunk and you can’t hear yourself think let alone what other people are trying to say. It just felt nice and relaxed and definitely ‘me’.

My 21st birthday was such a good day. I had lovely presents from family and friends and brilliant company. It’s time like this that really make me realise that there are amazing people in my life that love and care about me, despite my flaws and insecurities. I just need to remember this when life gets hard and I find myself in awkward or uncompromising situations. I am not alone.

Here’s to getting older!… and my next milestone birthday being my 30th!



ALSO! My housemate baked me a TARDIS birthday cake! A TARDIS! She knows me far too well. WHOVIAN FOR LIFE!!!


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