Semester B

Receiving my remaining feedback from my Semester A modules yesterday has really perked me up. I’ve averaged at a 2:1 in each of my modules thus far and if I can keep this up I’m headed to graduating University with an overall 2:1, which I couldn’t be happier with.

Of course, though, this Semester will be a challenge. It’s full of very big modules – Dissertation included – but I refuse to let it all get on top of me. Good time management and strict personal timetabling will be a must this Semester. Things like reading, writing blogs (Uni blogs, that is) and essay writing will be timetabled into my week just as my lessons are; if I leave it just to chance, I’ll get nowhere!

But I’ve been noticing that so many people are already worrying and fretting over the workload and I just say to myself: “No one said that third year was going to be easy.”

I just think that people need to worry less about what’s ahead of them and accept that they’re just going to have to do it – because they have to! The more someone worries over something, the more stressed out they’ll get over it in the long run. People need to believe in themselves and their abilities a little more and say to themselves: “I will not let this defeat me. I can do this!”

This challenge is not just something I think others should do, but myself too. Far too often I’ve thought the worst in myself and not thought myself capable of anything, but I refuse to let myself think like that this semester. It’s my final semester at University and I will not let it be filled with stress, worry or tension. I will strive and hope for the best, and if my best isn’t quite what I had wanted/expected then at least I know that I tried and will be proud of whatever I accomplish, 2:1 or not!


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