Online Dating

Is 21 too young to sign up to Online Dating websites?

I’ve been contemplating this question for a while now and, to be honest, I don’t see why not. According to, well, the world I’m officially an adult in every single country, so why not try and find love online?

But another question is this: is it too soon for me?

It’s not been very long since my ex and I broke up, 2 months nearly, but when is it the right time to start looking again? I’m awkward as it is so meeting people and starting online seems like a perfectly okay way to get to know someone, especially in today’s society. Online dating is successful for so many people, so why not delve into it myself?

Am I making any sense, or do I just sound desperate for love in my life? I hope the latter is not true, but feel free to bring me back down to feet if needs be. I just don’t want to be alone… in the long run, I guess. It’s an understandable fear, but perhaps something that I shouldn’t be worrying about just yet. After all, I am only 21 and, lets face it, life hasn’t really even started just yet for me. We’ll see.


Too Soon

I saw my ex for the first time today since we’ve broken up. It was horrible. It couldn’t be helped either, really. I was walking one way and he was walking towards me in the other direction. I could see him in the distance and my heart instantly went into a frenzy.

If it hadn’t of been for the fact that I actually had to send a text to someone, I probably wouldn’t have kept my head down looking at my phone as I walked past – but then again, maybe I would have? – but that’s what happened never-the-less. But it wasn’t until I’d sent the text to my friend that I actually saw him close up. I looked up and he was literally walking right past me. But he wasn’t looking at me. He looked straight ahead. Continue reading


So, this is a little late but… I’M NOW 21!!!

Gosh, I feel old…

I turned 21 on Sunday 26th January and, I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty darn good day; being a Sunday, and all.

My mum came up and visited me, which was a last minute decision on her part. She really couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing me on my 21st birthday so drove up on her own to see me and spend the afternoon shopping. I hadn’t expected her to come up at all but was absolutely thrilled – I probably would have stayed at home all day or gone into town on my own if she hadn’t have come up. Continue reading


So, I auditioned for The Cosmonaut’s Last Message today… And got cast. As the role I auditioned for. Which just so happens to be quite a big role.


Now, this may sound silly considering I’m a Drama student but I really hate going to auditions. Okay, maybe hate is a little harsh, but I don’t like them much.

I always get really nervous and feel self conscious about myself, particular if it’s in front of other auditionees – it bad enough just in front of the ‘judges’. I don’t like to feel judged, and auditions are just the number one place to avoid if you don’t like this feeling. So, why be a drama student if you don’t like auditioning for things or be judged on your acting abilities!? I know, I don’t have a clue either… Continue reading

Semester B

Receiving my remaining feedback from my Semester A modules yesterday has really perked me up. I’ve averaged at a 2:1 in each of my modules thus far and if I can keep this up I’m headed to graduating University with an overall 2:1, which I couldn’t be happier with.

Of course, though, this Semester will be a challenge. It’s full of very big modules – Dissertation included – but I refuse to let it all get on top of me. Good time management and strict personal timetabling will be a must this Semester. Things like reading, writing blogs (Uni blogs, that is) and essay writing will be timetabled into my week just as my lessons are; if I leave it just to chance, I’ll get nowhere!

But I’ve been noticing that so many people are already worrying and fretting over the workload and I just say to myself: “No one said that third year was going to be easy.”

I just think that people need to worry less about what’s ahead of them and accept that they’re just going to have to do it – because they have to! The more someone worries over something, the more stressed out they’ll get over it in the long run. People need to believe in themselves and their abilities a little more and say to themselves: “I will not let this defeat me. I can do this!”

This challenge is not just something I think others should do, but myself too. Far too often I’ve thought the worst in myself and not thought myself capable of anything, but I refuse to let myself think like that this semester. It’s my final semester at University and I will not let it be filled with stress, worry or tension. I will strive and hope for the best, and if my best isn’t quite what I had wanted/expected then at least I know that I tried and will be proud of whatever I accomplish, 2:1 or not!

Self Control

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you want to say something but you know it’s just going to start an argument? Well, I find myself in these situations a lot of the time – some that even go as far as feared argument as mentioned.

I’m currently still at home for the Christmas break and I’m getting very frustrated by certain Facebook statuses and some of the comments on them. Now, I know I shouldn’t let Social Media sites take over my life, but I’m a twenty-something-year-old Uni student so of course my life revolves around such sites! The same actually goes for Twitter too; those 140 character tweets can really get under a persons skin! Continue reading

Dissertation 101

When it comes to writing essays, I usually try to stick by one rule: 500 words a day and you can’t really complain.

So far, it seems to have worked for me so far in regards to my University assignments. If I can get at least 500 words done for an essay each day then it will be finished much sooner than it would if I spent time faffing and fretting.

I’m initiating this same tactic for the writing of my Dissertation too! Continue reading