Home for the Weekend

As much as I love University and the city that I live in, sometimes all I really want – and need – is a break from it all. I moved back to my Uni house on Sunday 1st September and have managed to refrain from coming home since then. But the stress of assignments, deadlines, rehearsals, and just general life has really started to affect me over the last month or so. Also, with my forever plummeting sum of student finance getting worrisomely low, a train back home for the weekend was definitely required, if only to keep me sane or a while longer!

If it wasn’t for the fact that I will be at University until Christmas Eve doing a ten day run of the local Christmas show (as part of my Theatre for Children module), I probably might have been able to miss coming home  this weekend as I would have been able to come home for Christmas break much sooner. But physically not being able to come back until Christmas Eve is a bit of a stretch for me and I’m a bit of a home bird at heart, despite how much I complain I’m bored and want to go back to Uni when I’m there.

But being home this weekend has made all the difference. I’ve been able to see my family and just spend some time not worrying constantly and solely on Uni-related things. Yes, I’ve been working since being here but it’s always nice to have a change of scenery every now and then.

But money is a worry for me at the moment. Third year is proving to be more expensive than first and second year simply by the number of books I’ve had to buy and basic necessities. Also, I’ve had to fork out for unexpected expenses, such as a new laptop charger and battery (that wasn’t a nice price to pay!)

Basically, I’ve near enough run out of money and Student Ambassador work opportunities are not coming in very thick at the moment (at least ones that don’t clash with my timetable!). In first year, I had the same problem which meant I went home more often as it worked out cheaper. My parents can only help so far but going home every weekend isn’t really an option for me from now on. I’m just going to have to watch what I spend from now on and live on a diet of baked beans and pot noodles!

It’s been lovely having real food for just a few days. She’s not the best cook in the world, but I’ve missed my Mum’s cooking so much since being at Uni. I don’t like cooking much so never make much of an effort, so coming home to proper cooked meals has been much appreciated!

Now to go back to mega strict student budgeting!


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